Menlo Therapeutics Inc. (formerly Tigercat Pharma, Inc.) is a clinical stage pharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialization of serlopitant for the treatment of severe, chronic pruritus (itch). Serlopitant (VPD-737) is a potent oral NK1 receptor antagonist that Menlo Therapeutics exclusively licensed from Merck in 2012. Menlo Therapeutics investors include Vivo Capital, F-Prime Capital, Presidio Partners and Remeditex Ventures.

Menlo Therapeutics has demonstrated in a 257-patient Phase 2 study that serlopitant can reduce pruritus in a broad population of patients with a range of underlying conditions.  Menlo Therapeutics is currently testing serlopitant in multiple Phase 2 studies intended to show that serlopitant can reduce pruritus associated with several specific underlying disease conditions.  The company and its collaborators are evaluating serlopitant in patients with epidermolysis bullosa and prurigo nodularis, and the company intends to begin studies in additional disease conditions including patients with pruritus associated with atopic dermatitis and pruritus following burn injury.